Fridge game - where is the cheese?

What is the cheese?

Can you find the cheese in this messy fridge?
Explore the fridge to find the cheese. You can drag and move the objects to another place. But the shelf is only wide enough to store 3 pieces in front of each other per shelf.
  • Infinite gameplay
  • Achievements
  • Online highscore lists
  • MS SongSmith music
  • Hours of casual gaming
  • Pixel perfect collisions
  • Completely new combo mechanism

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The game started as a contribution to the LudumDare 48 hour game programming competition with the topic "Exploration".

Here's what the others said:

  • C418 says ... It's genius! Love the use of songsmith.
  • AtkinsSJ says ... This really is OCD: The Game. MUST... REARRANGE... MILK... And I doubt any other games can beat the audio. :P
  • bentosmile says ... Ahaha, hilarious! The theme song is so funny. XD
  • SonnyBone says ... This game is totally rad from top to bottom. I expect awards here.
  • philomory says ... The song is hilarious, it reminds me (a bit) of the "I'm in a cave!" song from LD15. Also odd, when I clicked to begin this game, I happened to be eating some cheese! How odd! For all the ridiculousness, the combo aspect actually makes this a fairly ingenious puzzle game.
  • pythong says ... This is songsmith!? omg, revoking my opinion about it, because actually: I CAN'T GET THAT SONG OUT OF MY HEAD :D and I played it yesterday (o_O)
  • recursor says ... This is more like a puzzle than an exploration game. That said, I like it!
  • TenjouUtena says ... This game rocks! This is awesome!
  • Risko says ... Great audio part -- both sfx and music. And it is both funny and fun, what is fine...
  • dertom says ... It is just unbelievable...never expected that game behind the screenshots! Very cool. The game is really fun and the soundtrack is unbeatable! Veryveryvery much thumbs up from me
  • cptalbertwesker says ... After seeing this on the community I know I had to play it, your score is amazing, as are you sound effects counting up the items that are near each other, I think I have more fun re-arranging the fridge than finding the cheese though, excellent game very humorous and entertaining!
  • Catmoo says ... One of my most favourite games made, lovely sound effects, and awesome system for finding the object, love it!


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